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Ask the Doctor- Dangers of Concussions

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Wayne Guerra, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of iTriage answers common questions related to concussions. What is a concussion? Why are concussions such a big deal now? What are the signs of a concussion? If a parent or coach suspects a concussion, where can the child/adolescent go for treatment? What is the treatment for a concussion? What are some possible long term effects of concussions? How can I help prevent my child/adolescent from getting a concussion? Read More »

Turtle to Turbo Speed: Is it Wise to Run Through Injury and Illness

Marathon Photo_iStock_000008170850XSmall

By Marcia Horn Noyes Factoring illness and injury into a marathon attempt does not enter the mind of a novice runner. However, seasoned runners know both illness and injury are typically inevitable at some point along the journey. I’m neither a novice nor a seasoned runner, but alas, I did not factor the past 30 days of sporadic downtime into ... Read More »

5 Sports Injuries That Can Keep You on the Sidelines


A competitive spirit, the desire to stay physically fit, and a passion for the game are some of the reasons we love to participate in sports. Along with the many rewards, from victories earned to friendships forged, a major downside is the risk of a sports injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 7 million sports and ... Read More »