HealthVault & Appointment Setting Comes to Android

Yesterday we released a brand new version of iTriage to the Android Market with some great new features that we’re very excited about.


First up is our integration with Microsoft HealthVault which allows you access to your Personal Health Record. From within My iTriage you can now log in and view your HealthVault profile, see any saved conditions and allergies, personal and family health history, measurements, medications, profile information, files, as well as any custom data they’ve stored, all from their mobile device using iTriage. Currently this is read only, but stay tuned for more updates in the future to allow you to modify your HealthVault profile through iTriage.


Appointment Setting

Another great feature that we’re very excited about is the ability to book appointments with select providers. When looking at doctors you may notice a button letting you book an appointment with that provider right through iTriage. While its only currently available in select markets we’re working to roll this out to as many locations and doctors as possible in the coming months so keep your eye out.

We’re always working to make iTriage better and include some of the many features that our users request. Stay tuned for more exciting updates about the Android App as well as updates to our iPhone app coming soon. If you have any suggestions or feedback please send it to

Download the newest update through the Android Market, or click here


  1. I like iTriage, but have found the medication section limited in,scope. Perhaps you would consider including a field or two for drugs not included in your database, but are medically prescribed? To include trade name, generic name and dosage information. Also, would not prescribed dosage information for all medications be very helpful for records-keeping and memory assistance, since I assume that is sort of where you are headed with this effort? That is, consumer information available to the consumer and healthcare provider without having to wait for family physician or pharmacy verification.

    Something similar would be helpful for retail service providers that are not listed in your darptabase, as well, since family nurse practitioner offices in small towns an rural areas are becoming more and more prevalent. Just some thoughts. Thanks. Gene.

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