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Children and Technology


The widespread use of technology has reached even infants, with ⅓ of children under the age of 1 already having used a tablet or smartphone device. Using these devices at such a young age has been shown to negatively impact areas of development, including self-regulation, the perception of emotion and visual motor skills.   Think of the cranky four-year-old out ... Read More »

Who’s Prepared for the Flu? (Infographic)

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Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that flu activity is low in the United States.  Already, more than 132.7 million doses of 2015-16 flu vaccine have been distributed in the US. Be sure to get your annual flu vaccine in order to avoid being infected later in the flu season. Read our infographic below to find ... Read More »

TXT4Tots: Why You Should Read to Your Child Every Day

Reading to children

TXT4Tots: Evening routines help the family unwind from a busy day & your toddler go to bed easier, try reading a book or listen to a favorite song together. Further insights from the iTriage Clinical Team: Even very young children can benefit from being read to. By introducing your child to the joys of reading at a young age, you ... Read More »

Flu Season is Here – Are you Prepared?

flu shot

This week officially marks the start of flu season.  Have you gotten your flu shot yet? According to the Centers For Diseases Control (CDC), flu season begins in October, typically peaks in January and February and can last until May. The CDC recommends that everyone age six months and older get a flu shot, sooner rather than later, since it ... Read More »

What to Expect During Your Baby’s Teething Stage

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Teething—this word said in a gathering of parents will suddenly evoke perilous stories of sleepless nights, fevers and tears. It’s enough to make any new parent who had dreams of her baby finally sleeping through the night want to collapse, yet don’t fear. You may have a lucky child with no teething problems—but even if it’s a struggle, here are ... Read More »

Seven Things You Should Know about Cradle Cap

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Recently cradle cap was the top searched condition/disease on To help iTriage users learn more about this condition, we compiled a quick list of the top seven things you should know about cradle cap, since it’s one of the most common infant conditions that parents discover. Cradle cap has similar signs of eczema, so its outward appearance, which looks ... Read More »