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The Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids

best gift for kids

Looking for the best gift to give your kids this holiday season? One that won’t cost an arm and a leg or be obsolete the time next December rolls around? One your children will cherish forever and pass on to their children? What is this fantastic gift, and where can you find it? The gift is persistence, and you can ... Read More »

4 Holiday Health Mishaps and How to Avoid Them


The holidays can be one of the happiest times of the year. While you are reconnecting with loved ones, the last thing you want to occur is a holiday health mishap. Below are some friendly tips on how to stay safe this winter season. If you find yourself in a holiday health mishap, don’t forget you are equipped with all ... Read More »

Ask the Doctor- Dangers of Concussions

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Wayne Guerra, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of iTriage answers common questions related to concussions. What is a concussion? Why are concussions such a big deal now? What are the signs of a concussion? If a parent or coach suspects a concussion, where can the child/adolescent go for treatment? What is the treatment for a concussion? What are some possible long term effects of concussions? How can I help prevent my child/adolescent from getting a concussion? Read More »

Ask the Doctor- Allergies

Ask the Doctor

Dr. Wayne Guerra, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of iTriage answers common questions related to allergies. 1. What are the symptoms of allergies? 2. What causes allergies? 3. What treatment is available for allergies? 4. Why has there been an increase in allergies over the last few decades? 5. When do I need to go to the hospital when I have an allergic reaction? Read More »

How Dangerous are Trampolines for Children?


Trampolines are dangerous. Don’t believe me? Just ask your friendly neighborhood emergency medicine doctor, and he’ll confirm this truth. From sprained ankles to broken arms to life-threatening head and neck injuries, warm weather brings scores of trampoline injuries. Numerous studies have confirmed this observation, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for an outright ban on all backyard jumping.So ... Read More »

“The Cinnamon Challenge”: Can Cinnamon Actually Kill You?

cinnamon itriage

Videos of people trying to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon proliferate on the internet. But can this seemingly harmless stunt land you in the ICU? Michael D. Patrick Jr., MD, FAAP, of Nationwide Children’s Hospital takes the time to answer whether this sweet spice can end you up in the hospital. Kids have always pulled stupid stunts. The earliest one I ... Read More »

6 Tips to Make Sure Your Child Gets Enough Sleep

itriage sleep

Studies show that many children and adolescents struggle to get the sleep they need. Television, the internet, smartphones, and gaming systems distract many children, while they struggle to keep up with school and extracurricular activities. Today we hear from Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH, a family physician in Lexington, KY, who provides solutions to common problems parents face when trying to ... Read More »

“I Am An Adult.” A Parent’s Experience with Autism

autism awareness month itriage

In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, we hear from Bruce Mills, an English professor whose son, Jacob, has autism. My son just turned 20; he has autism. During this past week, when running through a computer folder of personal essays on autism, I saw a document file entitled “Observation of Jacob.  April 26, 2000.”  Written by an autism teacher ... Read More »