Child Health

Flu Season is Here – Are you Prepared?

flu shot

This week officially marks the start of flu season.  Have you gotten your flu shot yet? According to the Centers For Diseases Control (CDC), flu season begins in October, typically peaks in January and February and can last until May. The CDC recommends that everyone age six months and older get a flu shot, sooner rather than later, since it ... Read More »

From Summer to School: Back-To-School Transitions

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As if August wasn’t busy enough! In addition to all the list-making, supply- and clothes-shopping, and whining-listening, it’s time for parents and kids to prepare for some major transitions. Try addressing these four back-to-school issues with your child’s or teen’s help. The Problem: Getting up! If we planned school to best suit the sleep needs of tweens and teens, 6th ... Read More »

Flap Over Flip-Flops

flip flops

Do you know where your flip-flops have been? Consider that the ground is full of pathogens and bacteria that get sucked up with the motion of the “flop” and can land on your skin causing a nasty skin infection. Read More »